Cyber: Publishing an Action Plan for Wales

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

This week we’re pleased to share that we have published the Cyber Action Plan for Wales.

Over the last few months, we’ve kept you up to date with the development of the Cyber Action Plan through a series of blogs. In this series we have explained what cyber is, how the cyber ecosystem works, why we need a Cyber Action Plan and outlined what we think the priority areas are for cyber in Wales. 

We’ve also shared a video on Social Media filmed with our partners Cyber Innovation Hub, Thales and Tarian which highlights Wales’ strengths around partnerships.

In this blog we’ll give you an overview of what you’ll find in the Cyber Action Plan for Wales and what you can expect next.

What’s in the plan

The plan outlines our vision for cyber in Wales along with actions to achieve this vision.

Our Vision is that: Wales prospers through cyber resilience, talent, and innovation

The plan has four connected, priority areas:

  1. Grow our cyber ecosystem
  2. Build a pipeline of cyber talent
  3. Strengthen our resilience
  4. Protect our public services

Under each of these areas we outline work currently underway and the actions we will take.  You can read more detail about what these areas mean in our blog Cyber: defining our priorities for Wales

What you can expect next

Whilst the Cyber Action Plan sets out a vision for cyber in Wales, the next step is to focus on delivering the actions.  We’ll be working with our colleagues and partners across the sector to join up and collaborate on the delivery of the plan.  If your work relates to the actions outlined in the plan, and you want to get in touch please  use the comment section below.

As we work on delivering the plan, we’ll also provide updates via this blog on the work that’s happening, so keep an eye out for future blogs.

Post by Cyber Leadership and Co-ordination Team

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