The AWE(some) Identity Provider

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Hwb LogoIf you’re a teacher or learner in Wales, you’ll probably be familiar with Hwb. If not Hwb is the online platform which provides access to a wide range of bilingual online tools and resources to support teaching and learning. Hwb is also one of Welsh Government’s biggest digital transformation programmes and over the past few months work has been undertaken to bring the running of this service fully in-house to Welsh Government. Continue reading

Guest blog: Taking Welsh taxes to new heights

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WRA LogoThe Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) is the new tax authority for Wales, responsible for administering two new devolved taxes in Wales. The WRA was formally established by Welsh Government on 18 October 2017. One year on, Sean Melody, Digital Services Manager for the WRA explains the approach and the challenges, from a digital perspective, to establishing the WRA. Continue reading

Can we link it?…….hopefully

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We are more aware than ever before of the public value of data and one way we can make the most of it is by linking it together and sharing it. For example if local authorities link data from across different services it can help them understand the interactions between services and maybe understand more about how prevention can be used to support better outcomes for people. Continue reading

Chief Statistician’s update: Migration and housing – how the GSS is working together for better statistics

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As Welsh Government statisticians our primary job is to ensure that we are producing statistics that help us understand the people, society and economy of Wales. However we also work with the Government Statistical Service across the UK to ensure we are collaborating and sharing ideas on how best to respond to the big policy questions. By working collaboratively we can share data and analysis that provides greater insight for users on particular topics. With that in mind I wanted to share two updates from the Government Statistical Service in the last week that highlight how we are looking to work together.

Continue reading