Digital Strategy for Wales: Thank you for your views

Posted by Glyn Jones, Chief Digital Officer, Welsh Government

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

We have now finished publishing the series of blogs on our Digital Strategy for Wales. The six Missions set out our ambition for a digital Wales, the outcomes we want to see and the actions that will deliver them. 

We are very grateful for the feedback we have received via the online form and in response to the blogs. We’ve seen a huge amount of enthusiasm and passion for how we can move forward on all aspect of digital in Wales, both in terms of the responses we’ve received and discussions in the events we’ve attended. We will use all of this information to help us refine and strengthen the final version of the Digital Strategy and Delivery Plan.

Even though the formal deadline for submissions is passed we are still interested in your views so we are happy to receive additional submissions.  These can be sent to the email address at the end of this blog.

We expect to publish the Digital Strategy and Delivery Plan in the spring and will post updates soon. Watch this space!