Guest Blog: Unlocking the power of health data for Wales

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

In this guest blog find out about the aims of the National Data Resource (NDR) and how you can register to hear more through their webinar series.

Health and social care providers in Wales have faced unprecedented capacity challenges throughout the pandemic response. The media has referred to a data driven response, to modelling and forecasting.  Clinicians have spoken about the need to have the right data at the right time and in the right format to make informed decisions. In Wales we are taking a leap forward to address these challenges with the National Data Resource (NDR).

What is the National Data Resource Programme?

NDR is a new national data platform that brings together data about health and social care services from across Wales. In doing so, it makes the data easier to access, share and analyse so that users, whether they are health professionals or patients, can make informed decisions. Underpinned by a secure hybrid of new and existing systems and data warehouses (collection of data sets arranged to make analysis easier), NDR will provide data for a wide range of applications.

How will the NDR help me, as a health professional?

Image of health professional reading results on screens

Having good information which drives better decision making is key to delivering an excellent service to patients and improving their care.

The NDR will support the creation of a trusted and linked ‘master’ record for patients, a single source of the truth that can be used across care settings to minimise duplicate data collection processes, make relevant information available when required and help reduce slow paper based transfer of information.

The NDR has access to a rich pool of data and information across health and care settings which can be used to help analysts and health boards make better planning and resourcing decisions. These examples are just touching upon the many benefits that can be realised from the National Data Resource programme.

What does the NDR mean for me, as a patient?

Image of health professional speaking to a patient

To help protect me and my family, the NDR is playing an important role in the Welsh response to COVID-19 by identifying and supporting shielding patients, modelling the spread of the virus to support decision makers, and helping track and trace to reduce the spread of the virus. As a patient, I would also like to experience more transparency regarding how my care is organised, to be more involved and made aware of how I can monitor and manage my own care. This can be realised through patient applications that utilise digital records supported by the National Data Resource.

How do I get involved and learn more?

We’re excited to have recently launched the NDR Online Webinar series, a series of online workshops, deep-dive sessions and information briefings to discuss and showcase the important work that is happening across NHS Wales linked to the NDR.

This is an opportunity to learn more about the NDR. We’re sharing stories and perspectives on how the NDR can transform health and care across Wales, getting expert perspectives on major initiatives supported by the NDR and partners, and having open discussion with you to gather your feedback.

Register now to take a ‘technical deep-dive’ into the new National Data Resource for Wales. The second webinar in the series, “National Data Resource Webinar – A technical deep-dive” is on the 15th December will explore the architecture and technical themes of the NDR, focussing on innovation and collaboration.

Guest Blog by Paul Howells – NDR Programme Lead