Open Data – We Need You!

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Cymraeg

Speech bubble - "Have your say"
The concept of Open Data has been around for a number of years and although there is a better understanding of what it is and how it can be used, public sector bodies in Wales still face challenges to publishing their data openly.


Some of these challenges include:

  • What data should we be releasing?
  • What formats should we be using?
  • What if our data is not of the highest quality?
  • What data do people actually want?

And it’s not just the people publishing the data, those wanting to make use of open data face their own challenges, such as:

  • Where do I find the open data I need?
  • How can I access the data?
  • Are there any restrictions?

If you are facing these challenges or have an interest in using Open Data, then you may be interested in the workshop we’re arranging in the autumn.

Working it all out

The aim of the workshop is to find out more about the challenges you’re facing as publishers and/or users of open data, investigate the main barriers and explore some possible solutions. It will also be an opportunity to update you on some open data related projects we’re working on.

So, if you’re interested in participating in the workshop please send an e-mail to and provide the following info:

  • Your name
  • Organisation
  • Contact details and
  • A brief summary of your interest in open data, including if you’re a publisher and/or a user of open data.

Just to confirm that this info will only be used for the purpose of this workshop and that it will be treated in line with our Welsh Government privacy notice.

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